Microsoft Office 365 unscheduled Nap?

It seems that Microsoft Office 365 is having an unscheduled nap as users around the world report having difficulty logging into the administration portal.

The technical error prevents the login through the Office 365 administration portal and affects commercial and domestic users.

Microsoft has done little to calm the administrators in panic. A support ticket, MO133518, something ominously said:

This problem could affect any of its users if they are routed through the affected infrastructure.

Frustrated users are also reporting difficulties accessing the Office 365 email service.
The timing of this incident, followed by many alarms from Microsoft about the new security features presented to Office 365 subscribers yesterday, is unfortunate.

Apparently, Redmond has chosen to protect the data of users by eliminating, for example, access to it. Intelligent.

Access to the Azure Administration Portal is also listed in the list of patients, with the Microsoft Azure status page reporting authentication errors in Asia, Europe, and North America for clients attempting to use Azure Active Directory dependent resources.

Assuming that concerned customers can reach the Azure status page. At the time of writing, he had also succumbed to Friday’s discomfort.

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